After finishing my Timeline therapy, hypnotherapy and NLP training with Omar Raafat, founder of Mind is Matter, I would say it’s one of the best trainings I’ve ever taken; Omar is the perfect combination of professional, well informed, supportive and fun to be around instructor. I would highly recommend these trainings for anyone interested in a major life shift. Thank you Omar for giving me the impeccable service I was looking for, and more..
— Lamia Samir, Lotus Holistic Centre Owner

Having just completed the NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Timeline therapy training with Omar Raafat, in Cairo, I am delighted to say that it was one of the most undeniably empowering experiences of my life. Omar took us on a liberating journey of knowledge sharing, hands on practice, and a powerful eye opening encounter. Thank you Omar for being such a dedicated practitioner, a charismatic trainer, and a passionate human being. I can’t wait to put all the week’s learnings into practice. Thank you!
— Lubna Salem, Psychotherapist

Having worked, studied and been mentored by Omar, i can honestly say he can and will move mountains to help you create your goals, dreams, purpose in life and the happiness we all crave.
— Dave Morgan, Personal Transformation Coach

Training with Omar is a unique experience. Apart from all the skills one acquires, it is such a gratifying sensation to watch someone like Omar Raafat work. He is the absolute manifestation of all that he teaches. You could even hear it in the tone of his voice. This course gives you insights into your own inner powers and applying it gives you ultimate control over your life. Thank you Omar for this pleasurable and educational fruitful journey.
— Amanne Esmael- Ophthalmologist