NLP & Hypnosis Trainer Omar Raafat

London born, Egyptian bred. I have a hunger for growth, a refusal to settle for less and a strong embrace for change - as well as a love and passion for music and kitesurfing. My success thus far as a Trainer & Public speaker stems from my desire to unlock the potential of every student, delegate and client that I work with, while sharing the tools to achieve freedom, flexibility and ultimately happiness in life. 
From a young age I was fascinated with the mind and the possibilities of what could be achieved with it. Although this didn’t translate into my studies as I went on to become a dentist, I knew this wasn’t my calling or what I was meant to be doing. It wasn't until I went on to work as a head and neck surgeon in one of the UK hospitals several years ago, that things started to turn.

Thanks to the patients that I was seeing, my intrigue was once again sparked with regard to the mind and the impact it plays on people’s health and wellness. People's limitations, beliefs and relationships with themselves and those around them, and how these things can be changed for the better, led me to the world of NLP and Hypnosis.

Becoming an NLP Practitioner had such a profound effect on my personal life in regards to letting go of unwanted emotions, thoughts and internal conflicts, so naturally, I couldn't wait to apply the tools learnt to my patients. Using the tools and techniques with clients and patients also gave a noticeable response which was rapid and lasting. This only fuelled the drive to further develop and grow.

Having spent the last few years working with clients on personal and professional goals and furthering my knowledge and skills under great minds and mentors, I now travel between the UK and Egypt training people in NLP & Hypnosis with a goal to give people the tools they need to become happier, more fulfilled, have stronger relationships and greater success in their life.


My Focus Is You!

Because deep down inside we all (as humans) want to help each other, because together we truly are stronger! 

Essentially, I am focused on ensuring that you achieve the same level of peace and freedom as I have found in my quest! There are a growing number of people it seems who are struggling with the stresses of life, anxiety and a general unhappiness and feeling lost or lacking direction and motivation. It doesn't have to be that way and you can simply turn things around in your favour and in a way to suit you. My role is to aid you on that journey and ensure that you have the support and guidance you need to do it.