Our Training

Our highly participative sales training course is suitable for both the new salesperson and the seasoned salesperson.

Our sales training will allow delegates to develop a blueprint in language, communication both verbal and non verbal to easily close more sales with a process that works for them and their industry

The NLP Sales training caters to all aspects of sales, whether it be consultative, B2B, Direct to consumer, Fact find/Need find sales, cold calling, cross selling/Up selling, Technical sales.

The Mind Is Matter Approach

Practical, relevant, participative, results driven are all words associated with our training.

The training is hands on with a combination of Individual work as well as group work.

Trainer led teaching and instruction by a certified Trainer of NLP

All training offered is up to date with the latest in NLP techniques

NLP Sales Training – 2 Day Course

Learn how to maximize the performance of your sales team by learning the essential skills of relationship building and maintaining while influencing sales for a win- win outcome.


During This 2 Day Training You’ll Learn.

  • State Management and Control- To put you in control of any situation you’re put into.
  • Rapport- Importance of it and how to build rapport and maintain it for influence.
  • Strategy- Understanding buying strategies, identifying an individual’s strategy and how to sell to it.
  • Questioning- Effective questioning using the Meta Model and Creating need.
  • Beliefs- Exploring beliefs and identifying any underlying limiting beliefs and how to remove them in yourself that may be affecting your ability to sell.
  • Values- Understanding values and their importance to people as well as alignment with set goals.

Training Offered:

In Company / In House Sales Training

  • Training on your site or site of your choice.
  • Tailored to cover the needs of your team.
  • Most cost effective form of training for 3 or more participants
  • Training takes place on two consecutive days that suit you.
  • No additional charges for tailoring the course to your needs.
  • Cost effective value for money.

Our training will cater for all different ways people learn and can be tailored to match your teams specific needs and delivered on your site.