NLP Leadership Training

With communication being the foundation and bedrock of human interaction, our NLP Leadership training will equip you with the tools of effective communication and leadership.

Our highly participative management and leadership training courses are suitable for anyone who has to manage people.

Our management and leadership training will allow delegates to develop a blueprint to managing people in line with up to date best practice techniques.

Our best practice managing and leadership training will teach you how to manage, motivate and lead your teams effectively.

The Mind Is Matter Approach

Practical, relevant, participative, results driven are all words associated with our training.

The training is hands on with a combination of Individual work as well as group work.

Trainer led teaching and instruction by a certified Trainer of NLP

All training offered is up to date with the latest in NLP techniques

NLP for Leadership

The success of excellent leaders goes beyond having good employees, products and services, knowledge of those products and services, and knowledge of leadership techniques. Excellent leaders literally see the world differently….they have a different mindset. The beauty of this is that all this can be learnt to create great leaders with the use of NLP.

  • Develop the mindset and skills needed to become an excellent leader


Themes that will be covered in the NLP Leadership Course:

  • Attitude: How to develop a proactive mindset to achieve goals.

  • Communicate: Positively engage and influence others.

  • Coach: Promote change & motivate development

  • Leading: Understanding perspective & match it

  • Anticipate: Preparation and ability to mentally prepare for different outcomes.

  • Innovate: Lead by inspiration & deliver creative solutions

  • Manifest: Create alignment between values, mission and goals


2 Modules over 2 days:

Themes covered:

-Developing A Proactive Mindset & Flexibility

  • Reframing mindset and understanding individual perspectives

  • Uncovering beliefs systems and changing them for growth, resilience and achievement.

  • Goal Setting, how to set and stay on track with achieving them.

  • Increasing one’s ability in influencing people by utilizing the different sensory filters.

  • Connecting with people effectively, developing the skills to efficient questioning, listening and feedback.

  • Harnessing mindset to go beyond what’s achievable and attain what’s possible.


-Understand Strengths Within Self And Coaching Others For Growth And Development

  • State control and the importance of shifting negative emotions.

  • Clearing of assumptions that may lead to limited performance.

  • Improve performance through powerful productive feedback strategy

  • Coaching people to empower them to improve and achieve.

  • Expanding viewpoint and the ability to think outside the box.

  • Learning the art form of suggestion.


-Developing Confidence, Focus, Determination And Putting It All Together

  • Uncovering and utilising effective strategy patterns.

  • Creating desired outcome of performance.

  • Motivation and elimination of procrastination.

  • Resolving any remaining inner conflict

  • Brining vision into action.


Training offered:

In Company / In House Sales Training

  • Training on your site or site of your choice.

  • Tailored to cover the needs of your team.

  • Most cost effective form of training for 3 or more participants

  • Training takes place on three consecutive days that suit you.

  • No additional charges for tailoring the course to your needs.

  • Cost effective value for money.

Our Training Will Cater For All Different Ways People Learn And Can Be Tailored To Match Your Teams Specific Needs And Delivered On Your Site.