NLP and Hypnosis FAQ

Why Learn Hypnosis

Hypnosis is the tool to access your inner decision maker. It is a natural state of being that allows you to communicate with your unconscious mind which is the domain for our emotions, beliefs and values. It is where we are hard wired to run our behaviours, and so by learning hypnosis you can reinstall and upgrade the software that’s hard wired and makes you who you are.

Why Learn NLP

Change is the only constant in life and all change starts from within. So by understanding your behaviours, thoughts and beliefs you can begin to make changes to the very building blocks that create your life. By learning NLP, you will learn how and why you do what you do. This means that once you have the process of what you’re doing and develop the tools to change it, then limits become a thing of the past as you can easily begin to shape the life you want to live.

What is NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)?

It is the codification of human experience. Our behaviour and perception of our world is created through interpretation of our minds to previous experiences and the opinions and beliefs of those around us, i.e our parents, teachers, religious leaders and peers. This is why people experiencing the same external event can recall it very differently.

NLP is a set of tools and guiding principles to shift beliefs and thought processes that aren’t serving us, as well as giving us a better understanding of people’s behaviour and the best ways to communicate with them.

What is Hypnosis?

It is a natural state of being that all people enter multiple times a day. It’s a process by which a trance/ altered state of consciousness is induced by the use of verbal direction in order to increase the suggestibility of an individual and communicate with their unconscious mind to create change.

It is a very powerful tool for rapid lasting change on a deep unconscious level. Some of you may be thinking mind control and so here would be an appropriate place to state that a person who is hypnotized will not respond to suggestions outside their moral belief. Also, you are not unconscious or asleep and so the person under trance is in control.

How does the Training work?

The training of Both NLP & Hypnosis is designed in a way to add value, knowledge and confidence to both the beginner as well as the more seasoned therapist/ practitioner. The courses are hands on with plenty of practice so that you get an array of experience across the duration of the course under guidance and constructive feedback, so that when you leave, you are confident in all that you have learnt.

Are the Courses Accredited?

Yes! All our courses are accredited and certified by the :

American Board of NLP,

American Board of Hypnosis

Time Line Therapy Association

UK Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy


What can I actually use NLP & Hypnosis for?

I'm glad you asked. NLP can be applied to all areas of your life that include communication and human relationships. It can be applied to both your personal and professional life.

NLP & Hypnosis used widely in the field of education, marketing, advertising, sports, politics, law, coaching. Basically any industry that requires human interaction and thought process, you will be able to apply NLP to it. 

Previous delegates have varied from teachers to therapists to business men/ women as well as doctors and dentists.


What happens after the course?

You become eligible to join the Mind Is Matter Alumni group, which connects you with past delegates from around the world ensuring the quality of training is one. This means that you can collaborate and exchange ideas with multiple people of similar interest and drive in a variety of fields, building a strong community.