NLP Practitioner

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NLP Practitioner


Seeing as NLP is breaking down the process of how we do what we do in our day to day lives, then to learn and experience the transformations that occur during the NLP Practitioner course will leave you wondering why we were never taught this at primary school.

You will learn how your mind works and how to speak its language. This empowers you to change just about anything in your life, easily and quickly. You will also learn how to keep the change, making this NLP practitioner Training absolutely priceless. What would it be worth to you, if you could know exactly how to change your habits, thoughts, limiting beliefs and resolve any internal conflicts and negative emotions and how to become exactly the person you have always wanted to be?

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What to expect during the 8 day classroom training:

  • ‍First hand demonstrations and explanations of the processes
  • Skill building exercises
  • Personal coaching and support
  • Question and Answer sessions
  • Group work

What you will learn on the NLP Practitioner training:


Foundations of NLP:

  • ‍History and structure of NLP
  • Models of the World
  • Applications of NLP and uses
  • Presuppositions of NLP
  • Processes of the mind and how it works


Uses of NLP:

  • ‍Understanding and using body language
  • Rapport building
  • Understanding how we filter the world around us
  • Creating lasting change
  • Conscious use of language patterns
  • Learn to understand eye movements and patterns
  • Take control of your thinking
  • Create positive anchors
  • Remove old feelings and bad habits, and install new ones
  • Discovering root causes of problems
  • Eliminating Phobias
  • Resolve internal conflict with the use of parts integration
  • Letting go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs with the use of Time Line Therapy ™
  • Skilful questioning
  • Framing and Reframing to create change
  • Metaphors and the power of stories
  • Milton Model for induction of trance
  • Trance to improve outcome and allow for suggestion
  • Goal setting and coaching with NLP
  • The use of NLP in sales and negotiation
  • Power of NLP in therapy


Upon successful completion of the course you will receive:

  • NLP Practitioner Certificate (Accredited by ABNLP)
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certificate (Accredited by ABH)
  • TimeLine Therapy Practitioner® Certificate ( Accredited by TLTA)
  • NLP Coach Practitioner (Accredited by ABNLP)


This is for people looking to get into the coaching industry  in any of it’s forms as this course will allow you to go on to become:

  • ‍Lifestyle coach
  • ‍Business coach
  • ‍Relationship coach
  • ‍Career coach
  • Confidence coach


The difference being with this coaching programme compared to others, is that equipped with the tools you will have learnt with the NLP training, you truly will be a powerful force for guiding people with lasting positive change.

The course is divided into:

  • 8 day classroom training.
  • Open book assessment and certification.

It is a requirement by the ABNLP to have fulfilled the above criteria to receive certification of successful completion.