The language that you use could be keeping you stuck from overcoming your anxiety

"I have anxiety" or " I am an anxious person" ... Almost all of my clients when we first met have said something along those lines to me...

Now we all have an identity, you may identify yourself as male, female, human, inhabiter of earth, doctor, lawyer, driver, hairdresser, Jedi... you get the point.

We all identify ourselves in a certain way, and if/when challenged on our identity, the response is often hostile, defensive and at times can be aggressive.

Now you are not born with your identity, you have chosen/accepted/embodied it along the way, and the same is true of the above statements regarding anxiety.

You are not your anxiety, you are an individual, and probably an awesome one!

So by shifting your language and no longer identifying yourself as anxious or anxiety, you can begin to remove it and take on another identity ...