The Power of The Pause

On reflection of having completed another training course last week, my love of what I do solidifies. Last week’s 3-day Hypnosis Training was attended by a variety of characters and professions; ranging from a NHS head of department to a dentist to a seasoned and practicing Hypnotherapist wanting to further develop his skill set. The variety of people I see on my courses always puts a smile on my face. I know that by utilising what they’ll learn on the course, they will transform and then ultimately go on to lead the way of change with their peers, colleagues, students, patients and clients.

Day to day Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is far from what the majority of people seem to think it to be and this is always reminded to me by clients who are attending for Hypnosis for the first time and students on the course. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is so often misunderstood and misinterpreted. It often has this allure or sense of dark mind control and mysticism usually related to the likes of Darth Vader and other evil characters portrayed in Hollywood Sci Fi movies, when the truth is far from it.

The general beliefs and misconceptions around Hypnosis seem to include:

• You can be hypnotised and do things against your will
• Under Hypnosis you are unconscious
• Only weak minded people can be Hypnotised
• You can get stuck in Hypnosis
• You can be made to reveal embarrassing secrets

The reality is that Hypnosis is a process to enter into a trance like state which is a natural state of being that we ALL go in and out of multiple times a day. It’s a 2- way process and all hypnosis in essence is self-hypnosis because you are fully in control at all times.

The beauty with Hypnosis is that it’s almost impossible to do any harm with it. You can create rapid, long lasting, powerful change with minimal effort both as the hypnotist AND the client as long as they comply with the process. Now, as with everything there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and that too is a great part of Hypnosis charm. You can modify and adjust it to cater exactly to the situation and problem you are working with and the specific individual needs.

I always teach my students to be bold and daring when using Hypnosis with clients, as long as it is within their scope of practice. Be willing to push the boundaries and challenge yourself and your client. Hypnosis is an art form and the more playful and daring you are with it, the better the results you will achieve. As Hypnosis is one of the few modalities in which you communicate directly with the unconscious mind, the scope of its benefits and uses are limitless. Hypnosis has been successfully used in stress management, weight loss, smoking cessation, pain management/control, anxiety/depression/PTSD resolution and the list goes on and on.

With it becoming more accepted as a mainstream approach and tool in the corporate world for stress management and performance enhancement, now is the time to equip yourself with the skills of hypnosis and become a powerful force for change in a therapeutic and business world.

So just imagine what you can achieve for yourself and others by learning and utilising hypnosis and hypnotic language in your day to day life. It’s no wonder that many celebrities and top sports athletes use hypnosis regularly in their lives. Hypnosis is easy, fun and more importantly for everyone!

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