A Wake Up Call to Arrogance

My entire professional career (which is coming on a decade now) has been within healthcare and looking after and treating people. From a nursing home to dental clinics to multiple hospitals in the UK and Egypt, I have been around a lot of people with varying backgrounds, socio- economic status and dis- ease and there are a number of things I have learnt along the way. As a student I was taught that in order to remove or resolve an illness then you MUST remove the cause, unfortunately when you’re out in the real world of modern medicine and healthcare this is not what actually happens. Instead, you learn in the medical world:

• That if it is outside my specialty, then pass it on and it’s for someone else to deal with.
• If the dose prescribed doesn’t work, then increase it and keep our fingers crossed.
• If there is a Cochrane review or NICE guideline, then it must be right and anything else is pseudoscience quackery.
• If you can’t find an organic cause for the complaint, then the patient must be crazy and making it up.

Three things I didn’t learn in the medical world:

• The power of the mind.
• The nature of pain.
• That the body functions as one whole unit.

Two “facts” of the modern medical world:

1. It is great for acute conditions - you break something or need to be fixed up in an emergency then it will serve you well.
2. If it’s chronic, the system doesn’t cater for it

We have become so subspecialised and arrogant within our specialities that we completely forget to see people as a whole functioning unit. A lot of what is now practiced is based on providing symptomatic relief in the form of medication which at times can be more detrimental than good and will never resolve the issue as it hasn’t addressed the cause.

The placebo effect is documented and “proven” yet it’s ugly cousin the nocebo effect is hardly ever mentioned. For those of you unaware of the nocebo; if you label someone with an illness and they choose to accept it, it may affect their health negatively and stop them from getting better. We have become so arrogant as to dismiss people’s complaints and conditions and label them as having an illness which is diabolical to their prognosis and wellbeing should they choose to believe it.

My journey of NLP and Hypnosis was triggered by the countless patients I was seeing who were suffering with chronic conditions due to unknown “physical” reasons, and I realised that we were missing one vital ingredient when treating people. We would look at the physical body, sometimes the mental body, NEVER the emotional body.

Obviously, in the Newtonian way of looking and measuring things this would be Ludacris to look at as it is non tangible to our current means of measuring. However, through the work that I have done with patients suffering from chronic pain to anxiety, depression and even one or two PTSD patients, I am now a firm believer that underlying emotional trauma (conscious or unconscious) is a massive contributor and even cause of these conditions, in addition to many others I’m sure.

Our understanding of “science” is shifting us from a Newtonian world to a more Quantum one in which we respect that everything is interlinked as part of a greater whole and until we embrace this, our approach to healthcare and people’s wellbeing we will continue to fail.

So my suggestion is this, that we incorporate the emotional body and engage the individual to find out what their background is, what they’ve been through and are going through. Find out what emotions they may be harbouring and how they feel about/towards certain things in their life and I promise you that we will see an enormous shift in the health of individuals suffering from chronic conditions. To the healthcare professionals reading this,
assess your approach to patient diagnosis and treatment and ensure you are certain in your decision. Labelling a patient as having a disease may in turn become their life-long identity, whet