What's with the ranting?

Reading an article today about a certain health "celebrity" I decided to search more about this person seeing that they seemed to be popping up everywhere lately and yet I must have missed the part where they became famous. That led me to a blog which was a full blown rant on the above mentioned person and the world of pseudoscience and quackery as it is so commonly referred to.
Now reading this blog, I couldn't help but come up with two things:
1) There's a heavy element of resistance to change in this content along with a limited view and
2) Judging by the responses, there are a large number of people that support the latter. Now, I don't mean to sound judgemental even though it comes across that way, so let me explain.
The person who wrote this blog listed a number of people both medical and non medical ( not that that should make too much of a difference) who have spent their careers pushing limits and exploring out of the norm. Have people not realised yet that the norm really isn't helping us to progress in anyway? I understand that there seems to be a surge of people selling their quick fix schemes when it comes to health, nutrition and lifestyle. You could go on forever arguing which are good and which are a waste of time but isn't it more important instead to explore the underlying reason as to why so many people are looking for alternatives…could it be that the mainstream norm just doesn't work?
I fully understand and respect that everyone has their own view of the world and live within their own model and that is to be respected, and I have also grown to understand that change is the only constant and so what is the reason people resist it so much? Simple, it's fear. Fear is a very powerful emotion. It will hold you back, and can even destroy you. Fear of accepting something that is out of the norm is usually driven from having then to accept that what you have believed until now is untrue. There is nothing wrong with changing what you believe, the sooner we realise this is the sooner we rid ourselves of unwarranted fear; accepting change and accepting a different approach to our lives and ultimately making us happier.
I am optimistic. I know that this fear is a last resort to hold onto an archaic system that will pass. I recently had the fortunate opportunity to give a talk to a group of medical students about the power of the mind and strength of belief, and within this small group of future minds and health facilitators I saw the change and am very excited of what's to come. Everything we currently have was once thought impossible, until someone believed otherwise. I suggest to you, believe otherwise.