Human Connection in a Bionic Age

It’s now nearly socially acceptable to be out with friends on a night out or sat having dinner for almost all involved to be sat on their phones engaging in some form of social media rather than on the company present, sad times. This is the world we currently live in and with technological advances occurring at fibre optic speed and this doesn’t seem to be a trend that will die down any time soon. Now, whether you sit on the technology is great or technology is killing our humanism side of the fence, it’s important to remember a few things.; Technological advances in certain industries such as healthcare and entertainment are truly phenomenal and have aided in increasing people’s quality of life and the quality of magical performance and stunts we can get lost in for hours on the big screen. Also, the fact that a guy that I know can communicate with his cat in Europe while kitesurfing on a beach off the West coast of Africa via his mobile may be very exciting to some, the human element of our existence will never change.

A mentor of mine said, “Deep down we are all frightened little children who just want to be accepted and loved.” I believe this to hold true no matter what the era or what your age is. So just as technology is evolving and upgrading at the speed of light, it is now vital more than ever to upgrade and update our skills of human communication, interaction and connection to avoid losing the weird and wonderful variability of human emotion and experience. No amount of nano bots or microchips will be able to recreate what we have when communicating with another warm blooded, heart beating, snot producing human.

This is where NLP comes in and what it helps us with. Communicating and understanding ourselves and others more effectively so that we can develop and maintain stronger bonds and relationships to keep the evolution of technology and evolution of us growing hand in hand. Just like the newest version of the Iphone or Android phone looks similar to its predecessor yet functions more efficiently to sync with its surroundings, you too can utilize the tools of NLP and Hypnosis to rewire and upgrade your internal wiring and so that you’re communicating more in sync with the people around you in your life.