7- Day Confidence Boot Programme

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7- Day Confidence Boot Programme


Reconnect to who you truly are and supercharge your confidence, self love and self esteem while removing any and all lingering self doubt!

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Are you spending your days holding back and hiding away when you could be living and loving your life?

Are you

Doubting yourself in almost everything you do?

Sick and tired of holding yourself back?

Feel like you are missing out on opportunities to experience and live life.

Do you

Feel like you don’t know what to do... Full of fear.

Feel defeated.

Seem to have lost your edge or sparkle and just can’t get it back again?

Then this 7- Day Confidence Boost Programme WILL help you!

This programme is designed to help you double your confidence, increase your self love as well as help you to eliminate and remove any self doubt that you might have.

The programme consists of 7-Days of Quality video content giving you tip,tricks and practical tools and techniques that you can introduce immediately into your life to help you regain your confidence.


The beauty is that as it’s an online programme, you can start it, watch it and finish it at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home!

By the end of the 7-days you will have achieved increased awareness of yourself, introduced a new way of thinking as well as new behaviours into your life.

Topics covered in the 7- Day Confidence Boost Programme:

  • Day 1- Understanding Your Needs

  • Day 2- Nobody Loves You

  • Day 3- But… What If?

  • Day 4- Doubling Your Confidence

  • Day 5- Where’s the Problem?

  • Day 6- Mistakes are NOT Your Life Sentence

  • Day 7- Love Yourself & The World Will Follow.

Check out the video below to get a sneak peak into what you’ll have access to by joining the online programme:

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