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NLP Courses and Hypnosis

We all have blocks in life and let’s face it, that’s a PART of it. Whether they be emotional or mental blocks, they can affect your personal and professional life, your relationships and your business. It’s easy to get stuck in old patterns and routines and since you’re here I’m going to guess that those patterns of behaviour are no longer serving you or helping you achieve what you want. Whether it be for your personal growth and development or to take your business and employees to the next level, NLP and Hypnosis are two of the most powerful and cutting- edge tools available. Check out our NLP Courses and get involved.

If you want the freedom of playing life on your own terms, removing the anchor that might be dragging you down or the satisfaction of helping others change their homes, careers and lives for the better then becoming a certified NLP and Hypnosis Practitioner is the way to go. Our NLP Courses (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis courses are practical, supportive, engaging and fun while equipping you with the exact tools you need to create impactful, lasting change in any environment. Delivered by our ABNLP certified NLP and Hypnosis Trainer Omar Raafat who is internationally recognized and runs certification courses in the UK and abroad. Our Courses are all accredited by the ABNLP which is the most widely recognized NLP certification body in the world.


NLP – Hypnosis FAQ

Change is the only constant in life and all change starts from within. So by understanding your behaviours, thoughts and beliefs you can begin to make changes to the very building blocks that create your life. By learning NLP, you will learn how and why you do what you do. This means that once you have the process of what you’re doing and develop the tools to change it, then limits become a thing of the past as you can easily begin to shape the life you want to live.

Hypnosis is the tool to access your inner decision maker. It is a natural state of being that allows you to communicate with your unconscious mind which is the domain for our emotions, beliefs and values. It is where we are hard wired to run our behaviours, and so by learning hypnosis you can reinstall and upgrade the software that’s hard wired and makes you who you are..

 Is the codification of human experience. Our behaviour and perception of our world is created through interpretation of our minds to previous experiences and the opinions and beliefs of those around us, i.e our parents, teachers, religious leaders and peers. This is why people experiencing the same external event can recall it very differently.

NLP is a set of tools and guiding principles to shift beliefs and thought processes that aren’t serving us, as well as giving us a better understanding of people’s behaviour and the best ways to communicate with them.

As mentioned above it is a natural state of being that all people enter multiple times a day. It’s a process by which a trance/ altered state of consciousness is induced by the use of verbal direction in order to increase the suggestibility of an individual and communicate with their unconscious mind to create change.

It is a very powerful tool for rapid lasting change on a deep unconscious level. Some of you may be thinking mind control and so here would be an appropriate place to state that a person who is hypnotized will not respond to suggestions outside their moral belief. Also, you are not unconscious or asleep and so the person under trance is in control.

Working with Omar has been a life changing experience for me. Going from i’ll do it soon to it’s already done is one of the best ways I can describe my journey here. He doesn’t tolerate excuses, and is someone who is genuinely not afraid to challenge you, values hard work, honesty, integrity and commitment. I can truly say, you won’t find a better motivational/ change expert than this guy. These are just some of the reasons why I come back here time and time again, especially when I am faced with important challenges in both my personal and professional life. Everyone needs an Omar!


It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with Omar on taking a dream project to the next level by eradicating a major negative belief in just one session. The effect was so dramatic that it took me a few days to assess its magnitude, as the change instantly cascaded into so many areas of my life.

Omar radiates patience, confidence and positive regard and his methods are startlingly effective at shifting long-held presumptions. I loved one particular protocol so very much, that I have now studied it myself for use with my own clients. Highly recommended for gentle, rapid, no-nonsense change.


Omar has helped me greatly into unlocking my emotional barrier and become more in tune with the layers within. The sessions are intense and deep addressing deeply seated issues of anger and fear. It’s an iterative process that allows you to tap into your memories and subconscious. It’s an ongoing process that alters your mind set and empowers you to think and reflect beyond the session enabling you to carry this further as a tool in your daily life.

It’s an alternation of perception fine tuning your ability to address and analyze and revisit emotions, reactions and impulses based on a lens of alternative and more in depth self awareness, contextualizing events and ones own reactions to them is an acquired skill you learn through this dialogue. I highly recommend and look forward to my next session.


Omar guided me with ease through a traumatic experience. He was calm and clear, which made me feel safe and enabled me to reframe big issues. Even my guilt stuff seems to have vaporised. So grateful for your work. Thank you.


Having just completed the NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Timeline therapy training with Omar Raafat, in Cairo, I am delighted to say that it was one of the most undeniably empowering experiences of my life. Omar took us on a liberating journey of knowledge sharing, hands on practice, and a powerful eye opening encounter. Thank you Omar for being such a dedicated practitioner, a charismatic trainer, and a passionate human being. I can’t wait to put all the week’s learnings into practice. Thank you!


I just completed the NLP Practitioner Course with Omar, and I must say, I feel like I’m a new person! This course is an extremely empowering experience. It provides you with information and tools that are mind opening. Omar has helped me in understanding my emotions better, and because of that, I also understand and deal with those around me in a more positive manner. The course taught me how to set goals, and make them attainable. You learn how to help people, not just by giving them suggestions, you actually have tools and methods that you use to help them grasp immediate results. It’s not about telling people what to do and what not to do, it’s about helping them push their boundaries to reach their desired outcomes. You work together. You lead them to make a difference, to make the positive changes they want… and that’s exactly what Omar did for me! It was a pleasure meeting Omar and learning from him. He is an inspiration, a great teacher, and an amazing coach. Choosing Mind is Matter for my NLP Practitioner Certification, is the best choice I have made for my future! Thank you Omar.